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We are the Sisters of Social Service in Canada.


Ours is one of three international groups of the Federation of the Society of the Sisters of Social Service.


This Roman Catholic Society traces its roots to Hungary in 1908 and has pioneered the role of women religious in addressing social and related concerns throughout the world.


The beatification
of Sr. Sara

"Constructing the World We Want"

100 students from approximately 6 high schools participated in a day long conference that explored areas of the construction sector and the environmental and social impact this industry has on the planet's resources and the quality of life of its inhabitants.  Sister Jeanine Scarfone, SSS shared her experience of the Women Religious Project (WRP--see more about this on the Projects Tab) which was responsible for building 60 affordable homes in Scarborough, ON.  She emphasised how important it was to work with partners to build this "neighbourhood" and to always remember that it was holy ground on which the homes were built. She encouraged the students to "not give up on their dreams...anything is possible if it is done together".

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Delegates from 9 countries met in Encino, California from July 27 to August 6, 2017 to make plans for future activities/events of the SSS Federation (Cuba, Philippines, United States, Mexico, Taiwan, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Canada). A new structure was created as we move into the future.  It consists of The General Directors/General Moderator and one delegate representing each country where the Institutes have districts/units.  This new way of being encourages better representation of the members of the Federation.  Time was spent getting to know each other better and establishing a long range plan that included such things as: the World Youth Day to be held in Panama, the International Eucharistic Congress; interchange among the countries for education and specific projects.  All left the meeting with hope and joy filled hearts.
















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