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Contact Us & Federation News:


Canadian Contact


Contact us at one of the following Canadian addresses:

500 Huron Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5R 2R3
Phone/Fax: 416-922-0458


11 Perthshire Court
Hamilton, Ontario

L9B 2H1
Tel: 905-388-3966


Other groups belonging to the Federation of the Sisters of Social Service are:


Sisters of Social Service
4316 Lanai Rd.

Encino, California 91436


Sisters of Social Service

1029 Budapest Bathori Laszlo u 10



Federation News:

SSS gathered in Morelia Mexico to celebrate 50 years of service in that country.  

SSS gathered in Amadeo, Cavite in the Philippines to celebrate the 1st profession of two of our Sisters.  Visits were also made to the various ministeries.

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