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Our Purpose

We are a community united in hope and dedicated to the
Holy Spirit.


Our Society was founded to give glory to God and to
collaborate in the redeeming activity of Christ by witnessing to
God's sanctifying love.


We share in the social mission of the Church, which we see as
embracing the many needs of society arising from social,
religious, economic, environmental, cultural and civic

We participate in the promotion of Christian social justice,
especially on behalf of the family, the poor, and the alienated,
according to the directives of the Church.

We seek to live an apostolic life that is:

  • Permeated with the Holy Spirit

  • Grounded in the spirit of St. Benedict,

  • Characterized by an informed social consciousness,

  • And contemporary in our approach to life.


Our communion with the Holy Spirit is a most treasured component of our charism. It is only through the Spirit, who fills the earth and renews it, that our ministry can be effective.

Our awareness of the magnitude of our task and of the limitations of our ability to respond to a world calling out for life, meaning and dignity impels us to rely on the Holy Spirit, and to deepen the contemplative dimension of our lives.

Our Benedictine tradition leads us to view humility as being both at the threshold and at the heart of all inner experience. The same spirituality challenges us to an ongoing conversion of heart, a positive view of all that enhances life, a liturgical and ecclesial spirit, a love for peace, a warm family spirit, a regard for hospitality, an esteem for work, a pioneering spirit, a sense of holy freedom and joy in the Holy Spirit.

We are dedicated women who are spiritually motivated and professionally trained to serve the Church and secular society through a plurality of ministries in the fields of social work, evangelization, women's movements and social justice.

Because of the pressing needs of the world, we have a special responsibility for developing - in ourselves and in others - a deeper awareness of the problems of the lack of justice in our world.

Not only should we seek to prevent or remedy social evils and inequalities, but we must also endeavour to eradicate the causes of these ills. We do this by engaging in activities aimed at structural changes in harmony with the Gospel.

It is part of our charism to direct our efforts toward the transformation of social systems that are marked by injustice.

We recognize the value of being in solidarity with those afflicted by injustice. At times this is the only way open to us, but it is also very effective.

True to our prophetic role, we keep our pioneering spirit alive by our willingness to explore new ways and to blaze new paths in order to speak God's reconciling Word to the world.

Mindful that God is revealed to all, we pledge ourselves to contemplate the face of Christ as He reveals Himself in people of varied races, nationalities, cultures and backgrounds.

We seek to be contemporary in all aspects of our lives:

  • in our prayer and worship

  • in our ministry

  • in our life together

Sensitive to the signs of the times, we strive to be adaptable and flexible, yet dare to be counter-cultural when the Spirit of the Gospels calls for it.

We are fully aware that without the help of the Holy Spirit, we can do nothing. We seek to live in trust and openness, confident that the Spirit will guide and teach us how best to live out our mission.

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